How to install Asterisk from source


Here I am going to explain the steps to install asterisk from the source files

What we are going to install here is the following

  1. Asterisk version
  2. Asterisk Addons version

Please note that these are the latest stable version in 1.6 series while writing this article.

We are also going to install the following for jabber/gtalk and php/mysql support

  1. iksemel-1.4
  2. PHP 5 with mysql support

Install Dependencies

[code lang=php]

yum -y install gcc gcc-c++ libxml2-devel ncurses-devel  mysql mysql-devel mysql-server  php php-mysql php-devel openssl openssl-devel
tar -zxf iksemel-1.4.tar.gz
cd iksemel-1.4
make install
cd /usr/local/lib
cp * /usr/lib

Install Asterisk


tar -zxf asterisk-1.6.2-current.tar.gz
cd cd asterisk-1*
make && make install


Install Asterisk Addons


tar -zxf asterisk-addons-1.6.2-current.tar.gz
cd asterisk-addons-*
make && make install
chkconfig asterisk on


Congratulations! We have successfully installed asterisk !

To run asterisk for the first time , type “asterisk”

To see the console, type “asterisk -rvvvv”

Firefox Sync : Synchronize firefox bookmarks,password etc

Do you have more than one computer and want to synchronize your bookmarks , password and open tabs across all your firefox installations ? Well, your search finishes here.  I’ve used firefox addons such as LastPass for keeping my password synchronized for using it on my pc and laptop. However, I found it very hard to play with lastpass. So I uninstalled it within a day

Recently I found a new addon which is officially from Firefox team , called Firefox Sync. Currently firefox sync is an addon which needs to be installed separately after installing firefox using the Addon Manager. However, mozilla expect it to become default with all future firefox versions

Download FireFox Sync addon now

Upgrading to RoundCube 0.4 on cPanel Server

Hello !

Roundcube 0.4 is just released! However, cpanel is still using the old version. So I’ve decided to update my installation with this new edition. Let’s start

All you have to do is to run these commands to update

[bash]/usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube –force
cd /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/
mv roundcube roundcube-backup
tar -zxf roundcubemail-0.4.tar.gz
mv roundcubemail-0.4 roundcube
cp roundcube-backup/config/ roundcube/config/
cp roundcube-backup/config/ roundcube/config/
chown root:wheel -R roundcube
cd roundcube/config
chown cpanelroundcube:cpanelroundcube
chown cpanelroundcube:cpanelroundcube
echo > /var/cpanel/roundcube/install
chmod +x /var/cpanel/roundcube/install


Thank you