My own personal Screen Capturing Software :)


Sharing the software developed by me before an year, to take screenshots of selected area and share instantly.

ScreenCap is an easy to use Screen Caputuring software . Simply press the Hotkey (Ctrl + 1), and instantly have access to a URL to share on Messenger, Twitter, Email, etc

Instructions to use

1. Download Western union online the software from below. You must be having .NET framework installed ( link provided below for downloading if you don’t have it.)
2. Open ScreenCap.exe and you will see a try icon just like the above picture
3. Press CTRL + 1 and drag out a selection. It will be automatically uploaded into the server
4. A link to the file is then placed in your computers Clipboard. You can access this link by pasting. Right click anywhere you would type and select “Paste”, or use the shortuct CTRL + V.
5. You can also shorten the link using or ( optional )

Download from


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