Browser detection using Jquery

Hi It is very easy to detect the browser using jquery. This code snipt will give you the browser. [javascript] var browser = GetBrowser(); alert(browser) ; }) function GetBrowser() { $ = /chrome/.test(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase()); if($ return “chrome”; if($.browser.mozilla) return “mozilla”; if($.browser.opera) return “opera”; if($.browser.safari) return “safari”; if($.browser.msie) return “ie”; } [/javascript] Demo can be found here

How to blink text using Javascript/Jquery

Ever wondered how to blink a text using javascript ? Well, here is the simple way to do using Jquery [javascript] This will blink [/javascript] To blink fast, you can change the speed of the FadeIn and FadeOut function. Demo : Be sure to include jquery in your code 🙂