Ashai Mugam

The name “Shankar Tucker” is now famous among all Facebook users from the release of his song “Nee Nenaindal” featuring the Iyer sisters Viday and Vandan Iyer Matha Amritanandamayi named the boy “Shakar”, and he came to India to study classical music. He is a clarinetist. Now, a new song from the same team, ie,…Continue reading Ashai Mugam

Nee Nenaindal – Vandana & Vidya Iyer

Classical South-Indian composition was sung by the amazing sister duo Vidya Iyer and Vandana Iyer. The Raga is Darbari Kannada. This is one of my personal favorite. This divine song will refresh your mind and is all about Goddess MahaLakshmi. Nee Nenaindal” just passed 100k views on youtube! httpv:// Lyrics =========== Pallavi: Nee nenaindal agadadum…Continue reading Nee Nenaindal – Vandana & Vidya Iyer