Run JIRA on Budget – JIRA + Varnish + VPS = $7/mo

One of the main reasons why I like JIRA is its integration with BitBucket, the free Git repository service. Both JIRA and BitBucket are from Atlassian, the company behind many other great products. Recently I started using JIRA for all my project works. It works very well. JIRA has hosted version available for $10/month (…Continue reading Run JIRA on Budget – JIRA + Varnish + VPS = $7/mo

jQuery Back Button

This is a jQuery code snippet to simulate a back button based on the users last web page. $(function(){} $(‘.back’).click(function(){ parent.history.back(); return false; }); }); This will trigger Back button on all elements with the class name “back”. If you would like to specify an element just use the element name $(‘#back’).click(function() If you would…Continue reading jQuery Back Button