Fuse – Open Source Ticket Management System


I am glad to release a free and open source ticket management system – “Fuse”.

Fuse is a simple ticket system which requires nearly zero configuration. It is built using CodeIgniter and Twitter Bootstrap frameworks. Fuse does not boast any special features. It is designed for small size organization with a couple of staffs managing the tickets.

Fuse Ticket Management System is still in development and is available for downloading at Fuse Website

Fuse offers basic functions of a ticket system. This was developed using CodeIgniter framework in less than 8 days. The development is still going on. I am not a CodeIgniter guru, this was my simply try to refresh my memory about CodeIgntier PHP Framework. If you find any bugs in the application, please do report.


6 thoughts on “Fuse – Open Source Ticket Management System

  1. sir
    i used fly twitter bird but the is fly behind the flash file whats the reason to fly behind the flash file can you help me the bird fly front of flash file .

  2. Hi im trying to install your Fuse Tickets system, and im getting quite a few errors with it, can you please provide simple installation instructions please. And is this ready to use in an active environment?

    Many thanks

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