How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Nokia

Two days before, I had a bike accident and my left hand got injured. It’s covered with Plaster and I am unable to move the left hand freely due to pain. So, I only have one hand for all, including for holding my mobile when I talk. Since I use Samsung Galaxy 7 Inch tab which also has voice calling facility, it become a burden for me to hold that much of weight in my right hand for too long. So I’ve decided to temporarily switch to my Nokia N8 mobile which is small in size and weight.

Transferring contacts from Android to Nokia was not an easy task. I spent almost a full night searching Google to find a solution, as Samsung Kies application saves the contacts backup file as .spb format which is unknown to Nokia Pc Suite or simply Nokia Suite. Sending contacts manually over bluetooth to Nokia was not an option because I had around 4800 contacts ( including emails) in my Android which was imported from my Gmail.

After several hours of searching, I came up with this solution which worked for me.

1. First install PhoneCopy on your android device. Open it, create an account and upload your contacts to phonecopy website
2. Log into and goto Contacts page. You’ll see all your contacts there. You can remove email-only contacts from that page by using Filter -> No phone numbers and deleting the contacts which don’t have phone numbers
3. Then select More Actions -> Export all to csv and save the csv file on your desktop.
4. Download CSV to vCard converter from Here and open the contact.csv file in it
5. Change the Type of column7 from Ignore to First Name. Column11 to Home Voice and finally column16 to Cellular.
6. Save to your preferred location and you’ll see plenty of .vcf files extracted by this application
7. Open Nokia Suite and import all these vcf files and sync to your Nokia mobile.

You are done.

If anyone found more simpler way to do this task, just let me know

6 thoughts on “How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Nokia

  1. all the steps are done but at last all the v card are automatically named Ansi at start of name.and most of the contacts are not showing numbers in Vcard files.any body can solve my problem…???

  2. You saved my precious time. Thanks for this writeup. Found a lot of others, useless links earlier. This one works. In my case I had my android phone contacts synched with my google account. I used google contacts to export all my contacts to google.csv format. Opened this file in Microsoft Excel and saw which columns I needed. I manually chose column number and type in the converter app by looking at the csv file opened in Excel. Converted to ANSI format. It worked! Hope this helps others too.

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