jQuery Flying Twitter Bird Script

Hey guys!


Today I have developed a small script to show a flying twitter bird on a web page. It is easy to install, and it won’t take more than a minute!

This twitter bird will fly from left to right and will stop when you hover your mouse.

Take a look at the demo hosted here



1. Download THIS image and THIS javascript file

2. Add the following codes to your html ( anywhere within the <body> </body> tag )




You can change the twitter username and add your own username

That is all right, and you are done! If you are putting the images and javascript in another location, make sure that you change the location in the html and js file.


You can download the files from here


If you are able to modify the script, be sure to share with me 🙂

Thank you!

13 thoughts on “jQuery Flying Twitter Bird Script

  1. jquery flying twitter bird is amazing sir,,,
    but it is not working in internet explorer 8 and in firefox 10.2 it is flying but it is going from the back of flash banner…

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