jQuery Plugin: CSS 3 Image Corner (My First JQuery Plugin)

I was working on a project in which I had to make a border for an image. I’ve decided to use the CSS3 border properties. However, I didn’t have access to the CSS file so I had to make the border using jQuery.

Since I had to use this code on many pages, I’ve decided to wrap the code as a plugin and here comes my first jQuery Plugin!

Example : http://www.vivekv.com/v3 , See the image on the main page. Move your mouse over that image and you will see the main menu. Goto About me and you can see another picture with the same border

I’ve created this plugin for learning purpose only and you can download it from GitHub. You can also contribute code/tweak the code and submit to the repository at GitHub

Download : https://github.com/getvivekv/jquery-image-curved-corner


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