This Blog Is Now Using CloudFlare Network As Proxy

Just today switched to CloudFlare as proxy servers which will make this blog load faster.

CloudFlare’s technology is made just like a CDN. It’s a cloud-based, distributed network, meaning it’s multiple data centers spread over the web. CloudFlare functions like a proxy which means that the visitor’s demands aimed at this website are routed with the CloudFlare network.

By passing the traffic through CloudFlare’s network, CloudFlare can accelerate the page load time for this site visitors. CloudFlare decreases time it requires for the pages to load through several techniques, including effectively routing packets through the most optimal pathways, blending the information packets and caching static assets (i.e. images, javascript, css, etc). Enhancing the page load occasions is advantageous for the site because it enhances the knowledge for the site visitors which frequently means longer and much more frequent visits.

One of the main feature that I like in CloudFlare is that, I can ban an entry country users from visiting my website using CloudFlare control panel. Isn’t that cool? No .htaccess trick or so (by the way, I am already using Nginx, so .htaccess won’t work)

To start while using service you have to register online, they’ll then preform some searches in your domain and DNS records and copy all your dns zone records .Then you have to change your nameservers and update it with theirs. That’s all for setting up CloudFlare

For more about Cloudflare and signup visit

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