Vivek’s Blog Gets A Custom and Unique Design


First of all, Thank you very much ‘Smitha Madhavan’ for persuading me to create a simple design for my personal blog by providing feedback in the perspective of a ‘lazy user’. Those great feedback made me design this template as simple as I can.

I spent few hours searching for a simple WordPress templates in the internet, unfortunately I found none that match my requirement. At last, I thought “Let’s spend some time on making a custom design that should be simple to understand for a normal user and Google Adsense monetized”. I spent some hours for designing this template and converting it to WordPress template. Well, this is my first time I am converting a design to WordPress template and I must say, I enjoyed a lot. I am satisfied with the design and my progress in learning CSS.

I would also like to thank my friend Vineeth for answering to my questions regarding the design.

Hope you will find this theme more user friendly.


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