How to use T-Mobile/MetroPCS as your Home Internet

Hi guys,

Today I am going to share a small trick that would save you $50-$100 every month you are paying to your current home internet provider. I did not want to do 2 year agreement with Verizon FiOS, as I will be moving to another city within a month, so I found this setup works for me.

Basically, what you are trying to do is to tether your T-Mobile/MetroPCS unlimited internet plan and connect it to your router. By connecting any device to the router you can access internet on that device.

This method is helpful, when you have a XBox or Roku or any such devices connected to your TV and stream music and videos.

Here is what you require.
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Add Empathy To Autostart on RHEL

Q. How do I add an application that I’d like to have run when I log into my user account in RHEL based servers? For example I’d like to have Empathy startup when I log in.

If you are using Gnome, this can be done easily using gnome-session-propertise.

Open console and type

gnome-session-properties &

The program will appear and you would be able to add an application to the startup list. For example, if you want to start the chat program called Empathy, just enter “/usr/bin/empathy -h” as command. For firefox “/usr/bin/firefox”

If you are unsure about the location of the application, try “which firefox” in the console which would give you the location of firefox binary installed.

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Nokia

Two days before, I had a bike accident and my left hand got injured. It’s covered with Plaster and I am unable to move the left hand freely due to pain. So, I only have one hand for all, including for holding my mobile when I talk. Since I use Samsung Galaxy 7 Inch tab which also has voice calling facility, it become a burden for me to hold that much of weight in my right hand for too long. So I’ve decided to temporarily switch to my Nokia N8 mobile which is small in size and weight.

Transferring contacts from Android to Nokia was not an easy task. I spent almost a full night searching Google to find a solution, as Samsung Kies application saves the contacts backup file as .spb format which is unknown to Nokia Pc Suite or simply Nokia Suite. Sending contacts manually over bluetooth to Nokia was not an option because I had around 4800 contacts ( including emails) in my Android which was imported from my Gmail.

After several hours of searching, I came up with this solution which worked for me.

1. First install PhoneCopy on your android device. Open it, create an account and upload your contacts to phonecopy website
2. Log into and goto Contacts page. You’ll see all your contacts there. You can remove email-only contacts from that page by using Filter -> No phone numbers and deleting the contacts which don’t have phone numbers
3. Then select More Actions -> Export all to csv and save the csv file on your desktop.
4. Download CSV to vCard converter from Here and open the contact.csv file in it
5. Change the Type of column7 from Ignore to First Name. Column11 to Home Voice and finally column16 to Cellular.
6. Save to your preferred location and you’ll see plenty of .vcf files extracted by this application
7. Open Nokia Suite and import all these vcf files and sync to your Nokia mobile.

You are done.

If anyone found more simpler way to do this task, just let me know

jQuery AdBlock Dectector : How to detect AdBlock

If you are a website owner, you may be relying on some form of advertising to get some income for your hosting fee or domain registration. However, there is an addon called “AdBlock” which can block all the ads on your website.

By using jQuery, you can detect whether the user has AdBlock enabled or not. You may then give a warning to the user to disable adblock to browse your website. First include jQuery in thesection of the file. Then include another file with the name “advertisement.js”. Then use the following code to detect whether AdBlock is active or not. You can edit the code for your requirement, like forwarding the user to some other page if AdBlock is enabled.

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Why Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! etc Block Your Server IP ?

There’s several reasons why an isp may block your server ip. This is extremely common and happens to most servers, especially large free isp’s like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. because they are so sensitive. If your ip is blocked, below are the possible reasons why it may have been blocked.

1) Spam from the server
This is the most common reason. If you get any spam complaints from your datacenter or receive any bouncebacks that you did not send, these can be used to trace the source of the spam. If you do not have any spam complaints or bounces to trace, then it is harder to find any spamming activity but the mail queue and mail logs can still be reviewed for unusual activity.

2) Incorrect hostname/IP settings
For an isp to accept your mail, your hostname must resolve to the main ip and the Reverse DNS record (also known as PTR or RDNS record) must match the hostname too. To check this, you can use the simple nslookup command and type: nslookup and then that should resolve to your server’s ip. Then do the same for the server’s ip: nslookup and then that should match the server’s hostname. If either don’t resolve or don’t match, then most isp’s will not accept your mail.

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