Nee Nenaindal – Vandana & Vidya Iyer

Classical South-Indian composition was sung by the amazing sister duo Vidya Iyer and Vandana Iyer. The Raga is Darbari Kannada. This is one of my personal favorite. This divine song will refresh your mind and is all about Goddess MahaLakshmi.

Nee Nenaindal” just passed 100k views on youtube!




Nee nenaindal agadadum undo
Nirajadala nayani mahalaksmi


Manida vazhkkaiyile inba tunbam
Mari mari varuvadum un seyal andro


Ella perumaigalum irundalum adu
Unnadi vanangnmal nilai perumo
Unnarul parvai illadavarkku
Ulagile vazha vazhiedu amma

Song: Nee Nenaindal
Composer: Periasamy Thooran
Raagam: Darbari Kannada
Performers: Shankar Tucker featuring Vidya & Vandana Iyer

10 thoughts on “Nee Nenaindal – Vandana & Vidya Iyer

  1. Really really soothing. What other songs they have rendered other than this and anbae vaa ???

    where can i see their biography. like a wiki entry…

    Any additional information would be useful. Just want to keep track of their appearance by audio and visual.

  2. wht can i say its simply super we are waiting for vidya and vandana sister’s next album plz publish soon i only got Nee Nenaindal and munbae vaa is there anything else from this sister’s and i just want to know about this sister’s plz give there biograpy plz plz plz soon

  3. Hi girls, after lessening your songs am learning tamil.Basically am from AP.even though your cute faces and voice attracted me. i love you and your voice forever.

  4. The raaga seems to be more like Adaana and not Darbari Kanada. Though the notes are same for the two raagas, difference is one of Sanchara, which in Adaana is in the higher notes, above Pancham.

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