Where Is GMail App For Symbian Devices ?

Recently I flashed my Nokia device for Symbian Belle update. After flashing, I thought of formatting the memory card so that I can freshly install every application. After flashing, I went to gmail.com through mobile browser to download Gmail app for symbian devices. However, I was forwarded to m.gmail.com instead of letting me download Gmail app. The link to the Symbian Gmail app now leads users to a bare-bones web client which lacks support for basic stuff like images and rich text.

It seems like Google has silently discontinued the Gmail app for symbian devices. No wonder because the app was there without any update for the last 2 years. Luckily if you have Gmail app installed on your symbian device then you will be able to use it without any trouble.

I personally don’t like their web interface on Symbian platforms. Therefore I am not going to use it. I have been using the Email Client in Nokia for quite long time, though it is little slow, Google left me with only this option for using Gmail.

3 thoughts on “Where Is GMail App For Symbian Devices ?

  1. Symbian Belle do has already in eMail folder Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail… setups ready to use – just add your username – password and go.

    1. I had been using Gmail App on my N73 Music edition. I updated my cell’s software recently, however, to my shock, I could not get back the Gmail App. I am not able to download the .sis file from any other site. Any suggestions for me? Any help would be much appreciated…


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