Nee Nenaindal – Vandana & Vidya Iyer

Classical South-Indian composition was sung by the amazing sister duo Vidya Iyer and Vandana Iyer. The Raga is Darbari Kannada. This is one of my personal favorite. This divine song will refresh your mind and is all about Goddess MahaLakshmi. Nee Nenaindal” just passed 100k views on youtube! httpv:// Lyrics =========== Pallavi: Nee nenaindal agadadum…Continue reading Nee Nenaindal – Vandana & Vidya Iyer

Disable right click using jquery

To disable right click menu using jquery, the following code snippet can be used [javascript] $(document).ready(function(){ $(document).bind(“contextmenu”,function(e){ return false; }); }); [/javascript] Be sure to include Jquery before you write this code 🙂 Demo can be found here Vivek

Browser detection using Jquery

Hi It is very easy to detect the browser using jquery. This code snipt will give you the browser. [javascript] var browser = GetBrowser(); alert(browser) ; }) function GetBrowser() { $ = /chrome/.test(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase()); if($ return “chrome”; if($.browser.mozilla) return “mozilla”; if($.browser.opera) return “opera”; if($.browser.safari) return “safari”; if($.browser.msie) return “ie”; } [/javascript] Demo can be found here…Continue reading Browser detection using Jquery

How to blink text using Javascript/Jquery

Ever wondered how to blink a text using javascript ? Well, here is the simple way to do using Jquery [javascript] This will blink [/javascript] To blink fast, you can change the speed of the FadeIn and FadeOut function. Demo : Be sure to include jquery in your code 🙂